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Cyber security vs IT Security

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Although there is overlap, the difference between cyber security and IT security is both vast and nuanced.

At a conceptual level, IT security is concerned with all the tools, processes, and procedures that are involved with the Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) triade. Whereas cyber security is concerned with the secure transmission of information from one device to another.

Due to the focus on the transmission of information, cyber security has been associated with internet security, and the primary adversary on the internet, the “Hacker”. But with the dynamic and ever evolving nature of the attack surface hackers can utilize, cyber security practitioners, tools, processes, and procedures must be dynamic, flexible, and constantly evolving to keep up with the current technological state of the art.

By having a laser focus on cyber security, SynerSolutions can provide its clients the latest and most up to date cyber security strategies, architectures, and solutions.