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Integrating cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI)

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International services for military, defence and intelligence agencies

SynerSolutions is an agile, focused and resourceful cyber security and artificial intelligence (AI) firm. We use various artificial intelligence tools such as machine learning and deep learning for pattern recognition to enhance our solutions. We focus on the intelligence and defence industries in support of the Government of Canada.

Our ability to deliver critical, complex and sensitive projects make us a unique firm in the National Capital Region.

SynerSolutions is the premier firm in the Ottawa area when it comes to applying AI to cyber security problems.

Cyber Security deals with vast amounts of data and requires millisecond reaction speeds. In response to this grand challenge, Artificial Intelligent (AI) CS tools have been developed. AI is a vast collection of different technologies, and Machine Learning (ML) and deep learning are subsets of AI that are highly relevant.

SynerSolutions specializes in cyber, not IT Security. Find out more about the difference.