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SynerSolutions in a Few Words

From server farms to cloud computing, we protect one of your most valuable assets: your information. SynerSolutions is a service company specializing in information security, storage technology, consulting and emerging technologies. Our prime focus is to assist you in creating a security ecosystem that helps you deal with the known and unknown threats which are currently threatening your IT environment and business assets. (Unknown threats are quickly becoming the most dangerous source of security and data breaches). Based in Ottawa, we provide services across North America.


We set ourselves apart by pursuing the most technologically advanced products, supported by a strong performance record. These are backed by our extensive technical experience. The principal partners in the company have diverse backgrounds, which include a decade of experience providing Internet and communications services with the Canadian military (DND) in North America and Europe, as well as 15 years of experience designing, refining and auditing systems for the Canadian Intelligence Agencies and External Affairs.

In addition, the team has spent over 20 years selling security and data systems to all major Canadian government departments, many Fortune 500 companies as well as banks, educational institutions and medium and large size enterprises. With years of experience in cyber defense, we have the expertise to assist you in all your network protection endeavours.

Empowering Technologies for Changing Times

Migrating to the Cloud? Increasing the performance of your data centre? Looking for bulletproof firewalls? Looking for a new cost and energy efficient server farm? Looking for a secure network? Looking to analyse great amounts of data? Hoping to avoid security breaches? Dreaming of forensics to understand what happened? We will design a solution for your specific problem.

As leaders in empowering technologies, we combine high-quality, cutting edge technologies with a proven track record with your existing assets to increase the efficiency of your data storage as well as create a state-of-the-art security ecosystem to protect your hardware, software, data and virtual assets. The products we sell are complementary in nature, leveraging each other’s capabilities to increase the performance of your data systems as well as improve the level of security which surrounds your assets and your data. We are the best at what we do and we offer the strongest product line available.

Offering Continuous Support

We support our clients. We provide different levels of service based on your needs. Many of our clients require 24/7, 365 day a year support while others require much less. Regardless of your needs, we will accommodate you. In doing so, we are confident our products are a source of added value and a lasting investment.

Strong and Lasting Relationships

We believe in strong and lasting relationships with our clients and our partners. We engage in and cultivate an open dialogue on all cutting-edge technologies with a proven track record in our areas of interest. Our open mindedness has allowed us to create concrete empowering solutions from ideas which were only hypotheses a few years ago.