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Enquire about our SynerCentre briefings to learn more about the latest technologies in cybersecurity.

We host events every week about emerging technologies.

However, during the COVID pandemic, training has move online. Please note that we are not offering in-person training at the moment.

Contact us through our online form or by phone for more information. 

Call for directions to the SynerCentre, located close to our HQ.


SynerSolutions Events

Fall and early winter

SynerSolutions organizes events during the fall and early winter. These events reunite clients and vendors to discuss the latest technologies.


SynerSolutions offers a variety of virtual events such as training sessions and lunch & learns.

Virtual events

Due to COVID, many of our events are now online. Please contact us for more information on our events.




SynerSolutions participated yearly in Countermeasure – Canada’s premier virtual government IT security event. We also sponsored the event.




SynerSolutions is a major sponsor of BSIDES in Ottawa and also a yearly participant.

BSides… is made out of people!
BSides Ottawa is a grassroots-driven conference that provides an open platform for security experts, industry professionals and everyone with an interest in cyber security to share their ideas, questions, insights and research, and to create trusted relationships with members of the National Capital Region cyber security community from the public and private sectors.