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Server Farms – How can you make them more sustainable?

Server farms, or data centres, are integral to almost every business around the world. Your server farm contains one of your most valuable assets: your information, lodged in thousands of servers and information technology equipment.

Over the past decade, server farms have mushroomed, ever expanding to satisfy the growing demand for data storage. The demand is increasing rapidly, as everything related to the Internet.

Build a Software Defined Network (SDN)

With different technologies arising rapidly, agility is now a must when building your networks. Software Defined Networks (SDN) brings flexibility to the design, the construction and the operations of networks to achieve greater business agility. In a nutshell, it represents functional separation, network virtualization and automation through programmability.

The goal of SDN is to allow you to respond quickly to ever changing business requirements. It allows you to customize and optimize your networks as it reduces your overall costs. It expedites the creation process of software-based applications, allowing rapid creation of revenue opportunities at an accelerated pace.

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