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To connect, or not to connect?

Send and receive – internetworking of physical devices

Today’s buzz word is that everything can be connected – Internet of Things (IoT). That’s very convenient, but it’s also potentially very dangerous. How can you know if a ten-dollar wireless keyboard has just been connected to your secure network?

Maintaining your data safe and secure

SynerSolutions experts in secure network technology provide companies with guidance, design and technology to prevent, detect and correct network intrusions. This is a constant and growing problem which requires monitoring and review. SynerSolutions offers their clients the hardware, software, and architectural reviews required to ensure that their systems are flexible enough to meet their commercial needs while maintaining their data safe and secure.

Increase efficiency, save costs, save lives

Wireless things are more present in factories, businesses and healthcare than in your smart phone. From an interconnected city to smart dust, smart objects helps you increase efficiency, save costs, save lives, track inventory and manage machines.

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