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From Commercial to Military Grade Crypto

Creating seemingly spontaneous, invisible clouds or networks which cannot be seen or located by unauthorized users is the goal of cryptology – Cryptography in IT Security. Once well hidden from intrusion, they are fortified with security key systems. Yet, these same networks must be constantly available to those who depend on them for their security daily needs.

What we can do for you

SynerSolutions’ military background resources have been involved in cryptographic deployments with security agencies and the private sector across Canada, the United States and Europe, using the most advanced network engineering, hardware and software systems.

SynerSolutions and L3 TRL Technology have been working together to bring you Government Grade Network Security, Global Secure Network Communications, and Critical National Infrastructure Security.

SynerSolutions Technologies – Your experts in emerging technologies, IT security and storage, server farms, private cloud computing, Internet of things (IOT), software defined networks (SDN), user entity behavior analytics (UEBA), cryptography – International services for military, defence and intelligence agencies